Why clear marketing messaging is more important than ever

Why clear marketing messaging is more important than ever

As we are all adapting to and learning to live with coronavirus (at least hopefully in the short term but potentially in the longer term), now is the time for you to show your customers that you care, with clear marketing messaging. If companies are going to survive and thrive during this time, you need to put measures in place to help ensure the safety of your customers and employees and importantly, communicate these clearly in your marketing messages.

We are now questioning our everyday actions

You may have seen the comedian Matt Lucas’s brilliant short video clip impersonating Boris Johnson’s confusing lockdown speech from 10th May. Whilst the Prime Minister’s speech was undoubtedly intentionally vague, the reaction from many people highlighted the current need for clear communication and instruction. Most of us are perfectly capable of making sensible decisions and don’t necessarily need to be told exactly what to do but this pandemic has made many of us worry about and question our everyday actions: is it ok to do this? Should we be going there? Etc. In the early days of lockdown it was a lot clearer: ‘stay at home’ but now it is more about being sensible (or ‘alert’): a message that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Clear, concise and relevant marketing messaging  

As we are moving out of lockdown, we need to ensure that our communication to customers is clear, concise, and relevant to their interaction with us. Whilst I think that overall, the government is trying to offer some advice, it is up to us to translate this into clear messaging that is helpful and relevant to our customers, minimising any possible confusion. This pandemic has proven that we’re all resilient and adaptable, and so if we can just help our customers to be slightly less stressed with the situation when they come into contact with our services, that will give them a more positive feeling about your company: that you are indeed being helpful and clear.

My communication experience at the hairdressers

Like many people, I was delighted when the hairdressers could open again and so got in touch with my local hairdresser via their company Facebook page to make an appointment. A date and time were agreed, and I was advised to look out for a confirmation email, and closer to my appointment, a guide to salon safety. A couple of days before my appointment I received a reminder email and the day before a ‘Covid-19 Safety Rules’ guide and a link to a form asking me to confirm that either myself or my household didn’t have coronavirus or any symptoms. So, I knew what to expect. When I arrived at the salon, there was a clear notice on the open door asking me to wait outside to be called in. I was then summoned in by the owner who greeted me cheerfully wearing a visor and disposable apron and gestured to the hand sanitiser. My hairdresser (also wearing a visor and disposable apron), showed me to my seat. Throughout the appointment, I felt that the salon had taken all possible steps to make the experience as safe (and relaxing) as possible for their customers and their staff. It was great to chat to my hairdresser again and hear her news, and I left feeling positive (and more bouncy with less, now much tidier, hair!) The communication I received from booking to finishing my appointment was clear, made me feel comfortable and was not over-the-top (a difficult line to balance).

Reap many long-term benefits for your business

Each business type has a unique customer journey with varying communication requirements for each stage. As long as the business owner/director/manager has thought about all of these interactions with a coronavirus ‘safety hat’ on (from the perspective of their customers and employees), companies will reap many long-term benefits. It shows that you genuinely care about the safety of your customers and employees.

If you need some help putting together clear and relevant marketing messaging for your customers and employees, I can help. Get in touch with me for a chat.

  • Posted by victoriathomasmarketing
  • On 12th August 2020